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No land line but broadband on my very elderly mother's phone

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How do I report a fault on my mother's landline? She is 89 and housebound, and listed on the priority service but I can find no way to report the fault.

I've had a carer take the phones out barr the main one, but no line in or out, and the fall detector service also has no line. She fell only a few days ago and is back from hospital now so she really needs a phone line.

Is there a phone number I can ring? I can't find any useful information on the website at all.

I'm 70 miles away so can't do anything from here.


Support Team
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Hi Sarah,


I'm sorry to hear this. Have you managed to get through to our Tech Support Team or do you still need assistance with this? If you would like us to look into the fault then please can you add your mum's name and home telephone number to the Private Notes section of your Community Profile. Please do not post any personal information on the Community.





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Thank you. That's very helpful


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03451 720046 or use Chat, @SarahLF.


It shows with a blue background banner on this page:




Both open at 9am. 


You will need to answer ID questions to get help. 


This should be quicker than on here, as there is a queuing system for threads on the forum.


If you still need help though, please complete your community forum profile details and add her details in Private Notes.


Go via your avatar/name; settings; from the drop down menu that starts with "email", choose Personal Information. Put your details in there, and at the end of that section, in Private Notes put your mother's. Save changes. 


Look out for a reply from TT staff. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.