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No ringtone.

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I had loss of landline phone and broadband.

It took TalkTalk two months to sort the problem out. The problem was cured when an engineer put a new wall socket into a different place on my wall.

My phone, TV, and router, were then all close to each other.

After a few weeks, people told me that they had rung me, but had no answer.

I finally realised the phone was working, but had no ringtone.

So, I bought a new phone. All was well for a short while, then I seemed to be getting missed calls again.

Yesterday, I had an appointment. I was told the man would ring me when he was on his way.

He eventually arrived, and told me he had rung, but got no answer.

I got my mobile, and rang my landline. The ringtone was heard on my mobile, but the landline phone was silent.

I went into your help section. The problem was not covered, but it did say that the wall socket should be checked.

It is situated behind the TV. So I moved that, and discovered that the bottom right hand side of the cover, was not fitting flush. I tried pushing it into place, but it kept popping back out.

I wonder if this is causing the problem, as the phone is connected into that side.

I have been trying to find a telephone number, to ring for help, but can't find it.

This is why I am telling you the whole story. 🙄

PS. I am of the 'old school', and do not understand technical language.😕