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Noisy, crackly line. UInable to hear callers or make calls

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For more than a week or so, I have had a very noisy line when I pickup. This is before dialling or answering a call, or on a call, or whatever.

It's a very loud crackling, scrunching sound, similar to a strong wavering static, or a packet of crisps* being scrunched very close to your ear.

This blots out all other noises, so I'm unable to hear if there is a dial tone, or if there is anyone on the line for an incoming call.

I have tried:

Different phones - corded and cordless.

Checking the cables are ok between phone and socket.

Plugging directly into the test port.

Shouting at it.

Nothing makes any difference to this horrendous noise, so it stands to reason that it's outside the property.

I'd love an engineer to test the line properly, or get openreach to replace the dropline from pole to house, or even pole to cabinet, but that's prolly expecting too much.


Either way, I'd like it fixed or to stop paying for a line rental that is clearly useless.









*chips, if in the USA

'Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

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Hi DangerClam


I'm really sorry to hear this.


I've completed a line test which hasn't detected any faults - Line test is clear.


If you have tested with a different phone at the test socket, with the router removed from the line and the noise is still present then the next step will be to arrange an Openreach engineer visit to the property.


Would you like me to arrange this visit?






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Your line also brings you your internet connection, @DangerClam. Does this appear to be unaffected?


You need to report the phone line issues on Chat or by phoning (if you have a mobile) 03451 720046.


Full details of opening hours and the link to Chat are on this page:




Staff will not be back on the forum before Monday. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.