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Obtaining soundbite of recent landline phonecall

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I made an important phonecall about a week ago and would like a "sound bite" of it to review what the answers to my questions were 

eric ex bass player

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Another excellent answer , thank you. I can take it from here 

eric ex bass player

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I assume this was a call to a TalkTalk Customer Service agent, yes? I don't expect this is a business as normal request so may have to be handled by the Data Protection team. TalkTalk Support will advise you here.


I see your Community profile is 100% complete.  It would help if you added in to the Private notes area of your profile Personal information the telephone number you called, the date and time of the call and if you made of note of the agent's name.


Also, the relevant questions asked so the response can be searched for.  Was it contractual information that's likely to be recorded on your account?  The information may already be noted is what I'm thinking.

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Thank You Birchcroft, an excellent response to my post. 

eric ex bass player

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Hi @esbark22 In theory you can make a data access request to get a copy of the recording.  Here is an extract from TalkTalk's site explaining the process:


You can request a copy of the information we hold on you ( such as personal data, call recordings, notes, contracts & copies of correspondence) by completing a subject access request. It’s free-of-charge to request your information however if your request is deemed excessive we may request you to make a payment or refuse to respond.

You can request your information in a way that suits you. Our live chat team are happy to help with any queries or if you want to write to us, please use the following address:


Data Protection Office

TalkTalk (Compliance)

PO Box 673


M5 0NH


Remember to include enough information for us to identify your account and ensure we can verify you are authorised to access this information.

Your request will be processed within one month upon receipt of all of the above. For more complex requests we may extend our handling time for a further two months. If we need to do this we will let you know. Once processed we’ll post your information back to you, it will be printed and/or burned onto a password protected disk or encrypted USB stick. Please note that your password will be sent separately.