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Janet 62
First Timer
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I need Talk Talk to raise a job with Open Reach and the latter have told me that.

I have a damaged cable running loosely over the hall floor, it’s exposing its inner wires (which I fear may effect my phone line) and is a trip hazard (which I fear could cause a split head).

I moved into my home August 2020 and the engineer who connected the line said he couldn’t replace the line due to covid and that someone from Open Reach would return and this hasn’t happened. 
The cable runs in my flat from the front door to the connection box in the study so is therefore inside - hence the need for TT to raise a job.
I’ve tried unsuccessfully a few times to get help via TT means, online, bot and call centre. Call centre staff in South Africa clearly had no idea what I wanted and were baffle by the complexity- they resorted to defensive rudeness. Ii tried them twice! 
I simply want the unsafe cable replaced and staples to the skirting boards by an Open Reach engineer.

Thats it. Plain & simple. 

Life is a cosmic blink - be kind☀️

Support Team
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Hi Janet 62,


Are you experiencing any problems with your telephone or broadband service?



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@Janet 62 


Is the damaged wiring after the initial termination point in your home ?


If so, it is your responsibility and therefore any engineer visit would be chargeable.