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Openreach Engineer visit enquiry

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Had an Openreach engineer visit yesterday as we have no home phone, turns out a connector has come away outside our home which needs reconnecting. The engineer could not do this yesterday (he was trying for over 2 hours!) so we are still without a landline (which means no alarm system) and slow broadband

He said that another engineer would coming today to fix but I have no way of confirming this as I can't contact Openreach directly. Could someone please enquire, we have been without a landline for 5 days now and slow broadband for a week, as we both work from home this is not something that can continue for much longer


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Hi CPF123


I'm so glad to hear this, thanks for letting us know 🙂


I have also sent you a Private Message with a link to a short survey for the Community.


Thanks again.



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Yes, all sorted and no further issues. Thank you for your help 🙂

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Hi CPF123


Has the line/connection been working ok since the engineer visit?

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The fault was live on the openreach system but waiting for an appointment to be confirmed.  I've Now confirmed the appointment for tomorrow morning 8am-1pm.




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Can someone please check my ticket and see if Openreach have confirmed an engineer for tomorrow morning. After speaking to your the support today (where, whilst helpful, they didn't seem to have on record any details of my ongoing issue) we arranged for an engineer. Openreach have just text asking me to confirm but also gave me a link so I could troubleshoot. 


Once reaching the end of this trouble shooting the message I got was that Openreach don't provide the voice service on our line but also that they believe that you don't actually provide a voice service on my line and that I need to speak to you for further advice. I now have no idea if an engineer is coming tomorrow or now

Has now been three weeks with no landline and slow broadband, the path in front of my house and my drive have been dug up and work has been done but still nothing has been sorted. Any help is appreciated in this this, we work from home so is vital we have a fully working broadband


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Thanks for the update. If you don't hear anything this morning please let us know and we'll try to arrange an appointment



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Ok update, still no landline and slow broadband, engineers did come dig up road but apparently that isn’t the problem so they need to do work in the house


We have been on holiday through all this and the only reason I know the above is because an engineer texted me today to ask when we would be in, unfortunately I was in a Greek airport about to board but did text back


I said we would be in all day tomorrow but he wasn’t working but, I think he has tried to get someone else out, unfortunately it looks like BT tried to call me three times whilst I was in the sky so currently have no idea what’s happening or what work needs to be done


Have tried to arrange a new appt using the function in the TalkTalk website but the calendar isn’t showing any available dates


Hopefully an engineer will at least call me tomorrow to see when we can sort this, has been over 2 weeks now (I did say to the original engineer (I think we have had 4 now) that we would be away this week and he said that would be fine)


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Hi CPF123,


There have been no further updates so we'll check again tomorrow



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We'll check again on Monday for any additional updates on this for you.


Thanks 🙂



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I did mention to the engineer I spoke to last week that we wouldn’t be around in the days next week. He said that was OK as all the work was done outside and no one needed to be home


Hope that is still the case.


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Thank you Debbie, appreciate the updates 😊

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Hi CPF123


Openreach have advised that the duct work should start around 07/06.


I will continue to monitor for additional updates.



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Hi CPF123


I've checked for an update and this fault is still with Openreach awaiting work to be completed.


I will continue to monitor for updates.






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Hi CPF123


Haha no 🙂 That fix would definitely not last very long 


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Ha, misread that and thought you said "duct tape" is also required! 😁

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Hi CPF123


Openreach have now updated the fault ticket to advise that a complex network solution is required to complete the job, duct work is also required.


I will continue to monitor the fault for additional updates.

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Ahhh OK, just confused by what the engineer told me, oh well


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@CPF123 Future Fibre has absolutely nothing to do with your repair as it does not use your the phone cable.


If you opt for FF a new, real fibre optic cable, will be connected to your property along with a termination box (ONT) in your home and possibly a new router.


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No worries, not your fault and thank you for your help and clarification, hopefully will get done soon, plus I will be future proofed for full fibre!