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Openreach engineer visit/repair

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Please can someone help. I have had a nightmare trying to get my broadband and phone services fixed since 17th December 2017 and I have had nothing but mixed messages about the problem. Initially I was told the fault was external and would be fixed on Christmas Eve, then I was told that the fault is internal and needs inspection. An Openreach engineer visited my property on 12th January 2018,a day later than the scheduled appointment time, and tested the internal line. I have no internal fault, the fault is external. The engineer explained that they would have to check each junction box to try to establish where the fault has occurred. There has been a large building site near to my property which may have damaged the underground cables as this seems to be the root cause of my problems. The engineer informed me that this would be reported back to TalkTalk. Then I received a text message from TalkTalk on the same day apologising that the engineer could not fix the problem and that the matter has been escalated and someone will be in touch with the next steps.


As I had heard nothing I contacted TalkTalk again and they could see the engineer report about the fault however undertook another line test and informed me that there is no fault on the line although there is and has been since 17th December and was reported by a Openreach engineer on 12th January. As a result I have had to take another day off work to sit in and wait for an Openreach engineer who is due today.


My phone line went dead for just over an hour on 17th December 2017 and since then I have had intermittent broadband connection, my children cannot use the TV boosts that I have paid for as they are unable to watch a 20 minute cartoon without it going off at least twice during the programme, my phone line has a crackle and when you make an external call the broadband turns off. What a happy Christmas and New Year!


Can someone please let me know if this scheduled visit will happen today as I cannot take any more time off work. I don't understand why a fault was reported, confirmed and not repaired but instead need confirmation again.






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@BWlegal this topic is nearly 4 years old !


If you need help please start your own topic.


If you just wanted to vent you've done it without messing up a recent topic, well done.


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Talk Talk did exactly the same to me in 2017. My Home phone line was not in use for a couple of year we were using MIFI Device.  After two months of this same Talk Talk head spinning I phoned them to tell them I wanted to end my contract. Talk Talk sent me a prepaid parcel bag and I returned their Modem as agreed. I canceled my Direct Debit to Talk Talk. I then signed up to Vodafone Broadband  my Internet connection was still not working so after a quick phone call to Vodafone Broadband customer service they sent an Openreach Engineer within just a few days. Openreach Engineer found that an External Junction Box was severely Corroded inside also the main Phone Socket needed replacing. After this my phone and Broadband Internet with Vodafone Broadband worked perfectly. Subsequently Talk Talk then sent me a bill for £342.06 which included a "Discount" of £18.26 (For failing to provide me with an internet connection, £74,70 for the internet that was never working properly and another £273.02 Early Termination Fee. So despite failing to provide the service they were contracted to supply Talk Talk now have two other Vile companies chasing me for this alleged "Debt"  BW Legal and JC International (Jetherson Capital) They will have already added this to their accounts and reported it as a loss to HMRC. Talk Talk is a very disgusting Company.

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So, here we are...3 months down the line (no pun intended), and as luck would have it I checked my bank statement today (Feb 20th 2019) only to discover TT have charged me £87.50 this month (should be £22.50) so £65 for an engineers visit... from November 23rd 2018, and the payment was taken yesterday Feb 19th. 


I remember the visit now...the BT socket had to be replaced as it was (so the engineer told me) the wrong type, and was considered the reason my internet was ssso s**t.


It was confirmed at the time that NO charge would be made, since I'd already jumped through every hoop in the book (for Tech support) over the phone....


FF to today, Feb 20th 2019 @ 2 minutes to 8am, and I'm on the phone to TT CS.

I get Lilly (Durban SA) and to her credit, it only took a couple of minutes to discover the charge was in error, and it (the £65 charge) should be back in my account within ten days.


Oh well, if nothing else it's a reminder fer the need ter keep an eye on not only yer bank statement, butt TALKTALK as well emoticon.winkingface.title




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I can only call it as I find it, so here goes...


Not overly impressed with the new router (I think my equipment, Laptop etc can only handle the lower band width of 2.4) all in all, it's fine (fer the price)...until she who thinks she must be obeyed wanted to watch an iPlayer (UKTV) programme, and it failed...on both TV (via the Youview box) and (to a far lesser extent = watchable) the Laptop...so, at 19.00hrs I put in a call to TT. 

The first call (Automated) failed, and I was cut off...by a soddin RObot?, umm...anyway, the second call got me to a person who asked all the usual Q's Sleeping  and eventually offered at my expense an Engineer. Oh no (I said) it's not gonna cost ME...it's not MY fault.


SO, the Engineer was booked (at no charge to me?) for now get this  between 8-1 the very next day Thumbs upClapping  and sure enough, at 08.20 the very next day, he arrives.


The newish super router was considered a prime candidate as being the culprit, given it has a history of issues,especially after updates  Thumbs  down BUT (on this occasion) it was found to be the fault of the BT Box (phone socket) and, 20 minutes later (once changed) all iPlayer Apps were now playing normally Gold Medal so, on this occasion? Openreach/TT CS have been A1. Now I just gotta see if they (TT) try it on (as has been known) with the bill.  




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Max ADSL2+ is 24 Mbps

Max VDSL (FTTC) is 350 Mbps

Both come over the phone line and rapidly lose speed over distance.

If you can get fibre from the cabinet to the home, then 350-1000 Mbps is possible.

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Hi all, seems like I'm having the same issue. My connection quality and overall speeds have been decreasing since the day I went live to the point my download is now 3mbps and upload 0.30. No one I speak to seems to have any idea what's going on and it's taking way too long to fix the fault on my line. 


Did you know, the network is capable of receive 400mbps? All your provider needs to do it "turn it up." As I'm sure many people may have been told, your line can only receive 35mbps, 55mbps, 76pbms. If you'd like confirmation on this, speak to an engineer when they arrive. 


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There is an engineer report stating that a call was made on Monday 12th and spoke to you at around 9am.  The engineer completed the required work and fixed a fault at the exchange.


If this is not the case then we will need to report this to BT Openreach. 


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Hi OCE_Arne


I am tired of repeating myself.


I have an ongoing fault since December. It was reported on 12th January as having an external fault.


Been fobbed off for months. Waited for three engineers that haven't bothered to show up or were incorrectly booked by technical support.


Low and behold an engineer actually showed up on Saturday and reported AGAIN that the line is showing an external fault but after two hours he came back and told me that it was getting dark and he had some problems with a gas reader he would come back and fix it on Monday.


Still not fixed.


Disgusting service. Appalling that I have had intermittent service for nearly two months and each time I speak to TalkTalk they do not seem to want to admit liability.


I know one thing it is not my fault, it wasn't caused my me. 


The saga continues........




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Hi beckyh81


I can only apologize for this ongoing issue.  


Let us know the result of the engineer visit, I suspect the engineer will need to work on the master socket. 


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Hi OCE_Arne,


The saga continues.


I received a text message today whilst at work informing me that I need to book an engineer visit within the next 3 days.


I phoned the number provided and ended up speaking to technical support again. Apparently an engineer phoned me and came to my property today as they need to gain access. The engineer has tested the exchange at the green box and no fault is showing. Now I need another engineer visit.


This is unbelievably frustrating as I know that there is a fault, TalkTalk know that there is a fault and so do Openreach. It was reported on by an Openreach engineer on 12th January who informed me that the fault was not on my property and I was informed that they would need to check each junction point between my house and the exchange in order to establish where the fault is.


There has been no repair work done, therefore the problem cannot have been fixed. However, I am now required to once again waste a day waiting for an engineer to indentify that the fault is not in my property but external in underground cables. 


I have wasted over an hour on the phone - mainly on hold - whilst I go around and around. It seems quite simple to me - there is a fault, they have checked my house, they checked the first junction point from my home and there was a fault, they have checked the exchage and there is no fault. Therefore the fault lies somewhere between the first junction point and the exchange. It is very likely near the building site that the underground cables have likely been damaged. 


Instead of just repairing the problem I am just being fobbed off. 


So joy of joys I have another engineer coming this weekend as I cannot book any more time of work, instead I get to sit in waiting in a 5 hour slot for an engineer to arrive - or perhaps not as my experience goes.


I have had a long day at work getting home gone 7pm, spent an hour sorting out the children and a few jobs around the house, then 1 hour 20 minutes on the phone to TalkTalk trying to resolve the matter. How many more days, weeks, months does this have to continue? 




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Hi beckyh81


I can only offer my apologies for the confusion caused surrounding the engineer, it should have been made clear regarding the timescales and that you didn't need to be at home. 


In relation to the account balance your Direct debit is active, so there wont be any reason to add a restriction.


Once the issue is fixed I will be happy to apply any refunds to your account for the problems you have had. I will request an update on this in the next 24 hours and post it on here. 






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No the engineer did not show up.


I phoned technical support this morning and asked to be put through to a case manager and I was told that it will be escalated to Openreach who will try to repair the fault in 48-72 hours. I do not need to be my property for the visit.


So bascially I took a day off work to wait for an engineer who didn't come and I didn't need to wait for. Super.


Technical support sucks. Everytime I phone I am given a different response. My head is spinning. Twice I have waited for an engineer that hasn't shown up. Compensation will be added and taken from my next bill. Althiough I believe that compensatio should have been reflected on my bill dated 26th January as I have not received the service that I pay for since 17th December.


Today I was told that I cannot use my service as I have not paid my bill and once I have paid it my service will be reinstated. I explained to the "technician" that I evidently could use my service as I was using it too speak to them over the phone and if they cared to read any account details they would see that I have had intermittent connection problems with my broadband and TV boosts and my phone line has had a crackle since 17th December and an engineer had visited my property on 12th January and confirmed that there is a fault. The fault has been reported on and a text received from TalkTalk apologising that the engineer could not repair it and someone would be in touch. That was the last I heard until I phoned again 2nd February.


I cannot take any more time off work to fix this problem nor do I want to spend any more hours on the phone trying to get the service that TalkTalk are contracted to provide me. I feel that I have to do all the chasing to get my service restored whilst TalkTalk are quick to bill me and demand payment for a service they do not provide me with. 


Frustrated does not begin to explain how I feel.







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Hi beckyh81


Sorry for the delay.   


Did the engineer arrive? Your fault ticket has not updated just yet.