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Phone charges

Wise Owl

I am tying to work out if I need the £10 monthly calls Boost as I make only 4 or 5 landline calls over a month. Now using my mobile more for calling people.


Does anyone know how to work out the cost of individual phone calls. I have seen the charges but am confused about service and call charges?


last month the following is the duration of my individual calls all to standard uk numbers.


11.55 min

00.32 min

01.34 min

00.16 min


I would welcome some detail if someone can provide on the specific relative charges.





Community Star

Hi @Giraffe


Here's the UK Call Costs.


Assuming the four calls were to standard UK landline numbers 01 02 03 then that would be a 20p connection charge per call plus 15p per minute with a minimum of 1 minute chargeable. On that basis your call costs would have been £3.03. 


Call minutes Cost / call Connection Total
 £0.20  £1.93
0.32  £0.15  £0.20  £0.35
1.34  £0.20  £0.20  £0.40
0.16  £0.15  £0.20  £0.35
    Total  £3.03


You mentioned Service, Premium and Directory calls with Service Charge and Access Charge. The Call Costs spreadsheets advice includes calls where these two charges are applied. The Service Charge is what the called party charges and receives for the call and the Access Charge is a per minute charge that TalkTalk receive.  


As a guide, if you made 6 standard UK landline calls per month of the typical 11 - 12 minutes duration each then you'd be better to have the UK Calls Boost. Landline calls to TalkTalk customer landlines up to 3 hours duration are free so don't factor those into general calculations.

Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2021

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Wise Owl

thanks that explains it form me.