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Porting Landline from TalkTalk to NowTV

First Timer
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We just signed up with NowTV and asked them to transfer our landline number which we had for donkeys years (before switching to TalkTalk). An hour after we signed up, NowTV gave us (future) new landline number. Having called them, a customer representative said they can't do it because of "incompatible technology" with Virgin or TalkTalk.... we've heard about problems with Virgin but never about TalkTalk. Excuse sounds rather doggy to us.... as we understand whether you are with Virgin or any other company you should be able to port your phone number - just different process will apply allowing you to keep your number.



Ofcom’s rules mean all telecoms providers must let customers take their telephone number with them when they switch providers. 

European Union

Member States are required to ensure the provision of number portability to subscribers pursuant to Article 30 of the Universal Services Directive (2002/22/EU) as amended by Directive 2009/136/EC.



A couple of questions:

1. Is it correct that "portability" technology would not allow NowTV to request phone porting, or is it simply an excuse as not doing so will save them money/time/effort?

2. Is there "portability" agreement between TalkTalk and NowTV?

3. Is it correct that TalkTalk would not block porting if requested by a new provider (e.g. NowTV in this case)?


Thank you very much


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I’ve got the exact same issue Ady - now tv saying that I can’t take the number across to them and need I need your permission to get it. Please contact me.


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Hi Aphrodita


I have the same problem in trying to signup with NOWTv (on 10 June). Part way through the NOW online joining process it asks for my landline number and if I want to keepit. Then message says " We’re sorry, you won’t be able to keep your number. Don’t worry we’ll email you a new one within the next two days".


So I halted joining as I want to keep my landline number. I contacted a comparison website and the call handler checked with other suppliers and each one said it could not port my number. His conclusion is that it seems TalkTalk has put a tag on my number so that a new supplier cannot port it. Consequently it seems TalkTalk is preventing the porting  landline numbers by this flagging method and it would make sense as it is another barrier to moving to another supplier. Also NOWTV would be more inclined to be helpful in porting a number to get a new customer.


I have tried several talktalk phone numbers to discuss, but every TalkTalk phone number automatically ends the call with an automated message blaming Covid-19 and has discontinued further use of their customer service phone numbers. So there's no one to talk to at TalkTalk!


Under OfCom rules as of 8 July 2019 we should be able to keep our  landline number when moving to a new supplier. I've submitted a complaint to Ofcom. Also I've emailed TalkTalk at concerns@talktalkplc about this issue.


 BTW I've been with TalkTalk.for 20 plus years so would be interested in hearing answers to yours and my comments from them.






Support Team
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Hi aphrodita, NowTV is part of Sky and Sky would have to request the porting of the number as part of the order. We would not block the porting of the number. There's no reason to as it would simply return to the BT OR pool.



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