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Porting Landline

First Timer
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Recently switched providers from Virgin Media to TalkTalk.  Went live with TalkTalk  today. 


Rang TalkTalk once live to have old landline number ported over from Virgin Media. 


After a very long, futile phone call, most of which was spent on hold, I was informed that not only should I have been given the option of porting number upon first signing up, but also that the only solution to the this now is to cancel current contract and create a new one. 


This option is not viable with having to work from home due to tedious COVID and having already gone three weeks without broadband or landline with old provider. Waiting even longer is not an option. 


I would like to know why something that is a simple, and I imagine fairly common request, is apparently  an exceedingly difficult problem. 


Support Team
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Hi  @Jonnt


The information from martswain is correct.  The usual process is to add the number at the point of sale so we can take the number off the other provider. 


I can ask if we can reclaim the number, there is a chance it may not be possible. 


Can you update your community profile and add the old number to the private notes section. 






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@Jonnt  as the agent said, if you wish to bring a number with you it has to be part of the original order so that TT can make the request to port it.


If, however your Virgin service ended some time ago as you seem to indicate, that number may now be lost.