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Problem viewing or editing my Call Safe list

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Some of the lisitings in my approved number list only shows the callers name / company when I click view the whole listing is selected and becomes locked and I have to restart again with the same results, trying the edit option also does the samething. 

Community Team

Hi Oneeasygeezer


Do you mean that the screen goes grey when you scroll down the list and try and edit the number? 


 The workaround for that is to press the TAB key twice. 


Or is it something else?





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That's worked although it's far from ideal many thanks.

Community Team

HI @Oneeasygeezer


Completely understand its been added to the bug list, its actually browser specific and does not happen in IE. 



First Timer

Call safe came out after I had transferred to UFO, when it started, I was informed callsafe was not compatible at the time, and has been the case for a few years. Two days ago as I write this, I checked my account and found it there, and active, with 2 withheld numbers blocked, and some family numbers accepted non of which I had created. I can add numbers but can't delete them, can't edit, and a number I added to block has just rung as i write this. i might as well write it on notepad, for me callsafe is not fit for purpose, I mention this because I note that some users had this issue in one case 198 days ago, My friend who is on TalkTalk blocked me but I still got through he is paying for callsafe for some reason I'm not. I would add that we are both computer savvy, to say there are teething problems, I would say it needs a new set (or is it just me) LOL      

Terry E