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Query on International Call Max

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Anybody know if International Call Max boost is a pre-paid service or an accrued type setup.

I paid for the service on the 6th of August but cancelled it last week - now just checked and I'm being charged for international calls.  I thought I was paying in advance because I have to pay for the boost before I can use it!


Anybody know for sure before I call TT in the morning?


Thanks for any guidance




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That's a shame, good luck with your new provider, do check their International call costs before you jump ship!


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I've been using the boosts for about 5 years....hey ho, every day is a school day!
Thanks for the replies, good to have it clarified


Off to cancel my TalkTalk account in the morning after a decade and more with them.


Thank you and stay safe 


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As I understand it, and from previous queries on this topic, Boost charges are pro rata for the time you have them, apart from the first month where there is the commitment to pay for the full month, irrespective of when you cancel.


Cancellations take immediate effect, so cancelling early in your first month means you pay for the month, but lose the benefit of the boost from the day you cancel, and incur charges as well for calls made after cancellation date.

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You generally have to commit to any Boost for a minimum of 30 days. If you cancel it stops there and then.