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Re: 056- numbers and support

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Does anyone know what has happened to calls from TalkTalk to 056- numbers.


They were definitely available until at least a date in January 2021. They were charged as G21 calls. Since then a call to such a number just results in a 'hiss' and nothing else.


Attempts to query this with TalkTalk (by phone and chat) to see if there are any account settings that might allow access, have been met with strange answers and queries from support e.g. :-

They are International numbers.

They don't exist.

Is that a 'home landline', or business landline'?


Attempting to get better than the 'first line' support, asking for 2nd or 3rd line support resulted in 'It doesn't exist.'


Trying to clarify the situation by asking to speak to the support section 'dealing with the routing of telephone calls' resulted in 'I only have TalkTalk on my list/screen'.


Is there really no way to bump up something from the bare bones first line support?


I appreciate that TalkTalk may want to make a bit more money by moving the calls to a higher charging rate as some other companies have done (in my opinion totally unfair, the call goes through the same exchange system as regular numbers and there are no charges requested by the receiving system. ) but do they have to totally 'lose' the 056- number calls?


Hopefully, it is a simple keyboard error somewhere in the TalkTalk universe, but if not, were customers informed of the change; how and when?


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Thanks for the update Chris. Fingers crossed it stays that way.😁


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Hi tfctt33,


Just a quick update, I've asked my colleague in the network team if she had done anything to resolve the issue and she hadn't, she was waiting for me to get back to her with the telephone numbers so it's a bit of a mistery but hopefully you wont experience any further problems.


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Hi tfctt33,


That's great news, glad to hear it's now working 🙂




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Hi Chris, thank you very much for passing it to the network team. It now works!😁.


I guess they had an 'oops!' moment when they looked into it, realised what the problem was and fixed it.


Anyway both callers have called me successfully.


Thanks again for your assistance in this.


P.S. I would love to know what caused the problem, but we may never know.


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Hi tfctt33,


Our network team have confirmed that there shouldn't be any problems calling your 056 number from a TalkTalk landline. I'm sorry but they've said that to investigate further they will need the two telephone numbers that are experiencing problems contacting you (really it would be best if the two customers could join the Community and post on the thread)



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No Problem

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@tfctt33 Apologies, it wasn't clear. I hope you get to the bottom of this. 

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To Ferguson: See my previous post (15).


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Thank you Chris for your help.


I do hope that someone makes the call. It could produce the 'light bulb' moment and help resolve the issue.


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Hi tfctt33,


I'm sorry that you feel that way but I can assure we are not trying to look for ways not to sort the problem out.


I hadn't seen the PM when I last posted so I've passed your 056 number over to our Network team and asked them if there's anything they can do with the limited information provided. I'll let you know when I receive an update


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@tfctt33 Why can't you add the number you/whoever are trying to call to your profile notes as requested by the OCE? 


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Always looking for a way not to sort a problem out?


I have sent my name and telephone number by P.M. to the lady (OCE_Michelle) who asked. I don't have an alternative number.


Every scrap of information has been provided to you days ago in calls to telephone support and chat support. I have also given you in this thread the exact coordinates of a chat call that was made containing all of the information. Does TalkTalk just trash support call recordings and chat recordings ?


You know what the problem is . Tell me why, knowing exactly what the problem is, you "can't pass this over to our network team" without MORE irrelevant information? Why can't your network team at least look at it?


I am only here because your TalkTalk support won't deal with it. ("The number doesn't exist"; "the number is an international number": "I don't know what 2nd level support is": "I only have TalkTalk here".) These were the responses from TalkTalk Support to a TalkTalk customer. Anything other than trying to deal with the problem.


We seem to be following the same denial process here.


Why do TalkTalk people not want to sort out problems with their network?


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Hi tfctt33,


I'm sorry but we can't pass this over to our network team for investigation unless your provide the information requested 






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Tests have been done with the receiving provider and confirmed that calls from TalkTalk to the number in question simply do not get to the receiving provider's system.


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I can ask our Network Team to take a look at this. Please can you add the number that you are trying to call to the Private Notes section of your Community Profile.


Can you please update your community profile to include your:

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Alternative contact number

We'll then look into this further. Please do not post this information on this thread. Once you've updated your profile please post in your topic to confirm it's updated. 





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Thank you for your suggestion, but one of them I know has spend a lot of time with TalkTalk chat and phone support and sent proof that they have called the number in the past (up until Jan 2021), but nobody does anything. I really can't ask them to do more.


It has been denied that 056- numbers exist. It has been claimed that 056-numbers must have been 'international number', but nobody in TalkTalk has done anything.


I am not prepared to post the 056-number in a forum but, if you look in your chat support records on 24th March with a lady named Nomonde, at precisely 18:42 she was told the 056- number and invited to phone it. She was also given the TalkTalk calling number concerned. Perhaps someone in TalkTalk could look up that chat call, and try and call the 056-number?



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Is it possible for the TalkTalk customers in question to register and post on this topic so that any issues can be identified at source, rather than the receiving end? 


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No, it's just the one 056-number, two different users calling from TalkTalk numbers. Other telephone company users (Landline & Mobile) are able to call that same 056-number with no problem.


One user of the two TalkTalk users has (I think) CallSafe switched 'on'. The other, I know for certain has it switched 'off'.




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Thanks but just to confirm Are both the TalkTalk numbers unable to contact the same 056 number or is it a range of 056 numbers?



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There are two TalkTalk numbers that are having this problem. They are in completely different areas in the country. Both of them were able to call 056- numbers until some time in January.


If I might venture an opinion, it looks as though some Dial Plan at the centre of TalkTalk has been changed (possibly in error) in a way that prevents calls from being successful. The calls don't fail with any engaged tone or unobtainable tone. It's just a hiss as though they are being connected to a line with nothing attached.


In an earlier time, you might have thought literally about it being a plug not being inserted somewhere in the system, but in today's digital world that is unlikely to be the cause.


Certainly no-one in front line support knows anything about it. So, it doesn't look like a TalkTalk deliberate change to the service. It's just that no-one knows.


Thank you for your help.