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Removing boost from telephone package.

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Supposedly I can remove a telephone boost from my package by going into MY Account & then choosing "manage phone boosts & features". Unfortunately, this does not work as my boost (which I pay £12 a month for) is not even shown! Any suggestions...?


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That's very kind of you. We're going to monitor the situation for a few months to see if we're spending more without the boost, so it may go back on at some point. Would be good to know I'd be able to do that myself via My Account if the issue is resolved. Thanks again! 😀


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There is a mismatch somewhere I have logged it to the My Account team to investigate. 

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Thank you SO much!! I still don't understand why it's not visible in My Account, but that's the problem solved for now! Your help is much appreciated. 

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Hi JoyceAbrante


I have removed the calls boost as requested. 




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OK thanks, worth a go! The support team will get back to you again as soon as they can.

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Using Google. Tried all your suggestions, but still not seeing any of the relevant information that I should be on the account page.


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Ok, thanks. I was just trying to illustrate what I see when I access the page on which I am supposed to be able to manage boosts on my account.


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I have removed that attachment by the way as it contains personal details, you should never make those visible on a public forum. 

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Which browser are you using? Make sure pop up blockers are enabled and ad blockers disabled, or try another browser. 

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I have now updated my community profile as requested. I'd be very grateful for any assistance you can offer with regard to solving this issue! I have (hopefully!) attached a screenshot of what I see when I log into My Account and attempt to access my boosts to manage these.


Support Team
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Hi @JoyceAbrante


Thanks for your post


I can look into this but first, can you please update your community profile to include:



Telephone number or account number.

Please do not post this information on this thread. Once you've updated your profile please post in your topic to confirm it's updated.