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Ringtone Change - lack of clear communication from TalkTalk

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The ringtone issue was first reported at the beginning of December. 

On Wednesday this week (3rd Feb), a sticky note was added here to confirm TalkTalk Engineers were investigating. 

How long is this going to take? Even an estimate would be more helpful than the vagaries of the most recent update. 

The problem has existed for 2 months already. How long does an Engineer need to identify and fix a problem?


Thankfully, I’m not a TalkTalk customer but my 71-year old mother is. She has already wasted several hours on the phone to your Customer Service team, looking for an answer. 

Some clear communication for what is happening would be helpful for all your customers - and would negate the need for your team having to respond repeatedly to the same question. 

If this isn’t resolved soon, I know my mother will raise a complaint with the Ombudsman as she is upset about missing calls from her family. This is even more critical during this current lockdown where she is on her own and therefore feeling more vulnerable.

TalkTalk please sort this out.   



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I'm really sorry for the delay. Our Network Team are aware of the change in ringer issue and are currently working on rolling out a fix to resolve this, however we haven't been provided with any timescales at the moment. As soon as we know more we will update the sticky post on the Community. Apologies.





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My message service also affected - caller leaves message but no little envelope appears on handset. Dial tone is altered but obviously don’t know I have a message until (a) I frequently check or (b) make a call.


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If your mother is missing calls there may be another issue with her phoneline, can she dial out OK?