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Talk Talk remove block so Norton gave remote access on phone? Call to UK Norton diverted to India?

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First a question regarding possible charges.


Two was a Norton number I rang diverted to another?


Three is it right for a Norton rep to ask me to ask TalkTalk to remove block for remote access to sort a problem out.



Setting up Norton Password Manager. Came across problems with it autofilling password and username into log in pages on certain sites, not all, and read a little and discovered that one normally reports the sites to Norton which dont allow the autofill Password Manager function to work, as they get in touch and ask them to update to allow. Don't ask me why, I don't know, I assume sites have to allow for the security of their customers and of they don't its because they are slack, or not up to date or not acting as ethically as they should. Anyway, I couldn't find out where to inform Norton of these sites. I logged into My Norton, found a phone number for UK. Rang it. Waited. Got through. Indian guy passed me to Indian woman, found out later she was not in the country, possibly India, I didn't ask as was end at the end of the call, and I was at that point not suspicious of anything. So basically my call was possibly transferred to India, so hoping I don't get a massive bill and of so what can I do?

But that is not all. She said she needed to get access to my computer by remote access, so asked me to launch an app on Microsoft Store called logmein123, I also remember at some point her asking me to type HomeSafe with something else in the search bar. She asked me various other things. I dutifully followed it all. A few times she put me hold for various minutes here and there.  But logmein123 would open, she asked to type in various things, and open things, they wouldn't work, security warnings came up. At one stage she asked me to log off and log back in, when i did a load of pop up boxes saying something went wrong appeared and I couldn't close them, every time I did, another opened, it kept on going on. I asked her and she said it was because they kept on trying for remote access but kept getting blocked. In the end she said get in touch with TalkTalk (I never told her you are my service provider) and ask their permission for Norton to gain remote access to my computer, because Talk Talk wouldn't allow permission and kept blocking. I basically after around a hour on the phone, was told at the end because she was outside of the UK that was possibly why TalkTalk didnt allow permission. Shortly after I put the phone down, i thought, outside of UK? Wasn't the number I rang was  on My Norton as a UK number? So I worried. Was the call diverted from the number I rang, or was the number I rang on My Norton a phony number on a phony so called My Norton page?

I then searched and came across someone on the Norton forum worried too, as it happened to them and they thought it was a scam because after launching the logmein123 which worked with him and his mother they got through to someone in India and they were ringing in America and a guy told them there were hundreds of viruses and for 600 dollars he could remove them! So I started to worry even more.

What can I do, what should I do if my bill is massive? Is this normal for Norton to remote access and ask customer to get in touch and ask Talk Talk to remove block? Is it normal to ring a number claiming to be a UK number and moreover found on Norton's site (or a semblance of their site?) and then get passed to someone in a country outside of UK. What did they get and how did they get enough remote access to find I was with TalkTalk and was being blocked if they weren't Norton. Perhaps it is Norton. So many questions. The thread on Norton is full of jargon and mostly undecipherable to me as well as if the replies by the guy worried he'd been scammed, as I mentioned earlier, was being told do this and do that and there was no clear statement by anyone from Norton saying whether it was a scam or not, or some unethical practice of one of its customer reps. Its difficult to recall what I did when asked too, because I was told to log off and log back in and I shut all the pages opened. I didn't give any passwords, only my email address. But did follow a few instructions of type this and that in my url bar and launch the logmein123, which failed. There were various pin numbers involved I was asked to type in, and I was given a case number to ring back after she told me to ask Talk Talk for permission for remote access.

Am confused and worried. Perhaps unnecessarily. Anyone?

Writer and learning as I go along.

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Thanks Martswain! That's reassured me. Next I will check my itemised calls. So far its all looking as if it is ok if there is no charge for transferring. Its the way Norton operates and its normal to gain remote access to sort a problem out and seems the only way is to temporarily let down the guard so to speak and set it back after the remote access session. So feeling relieved.



Writer and learning as I go along.

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@dscottp  all calls are itemised in your online account but may take 24 hours to show.


You will have been charged at the rate for calling the original number, transferring a live call does not incur extra charges.


What was the prefix/dialing code of the number you called ?


Whatever happens, you have no comeback against TT as you made a legitimate call and I cannot see there is anything about Norton's conduct that is "reportable" if you called them on the published number.


Support teams can be located anywhere in the world and there is nothing unethical about being transferred to the right person who can assist you.


As for allowing remote access, once you have disabled scam protection geography will not come into the equation at all.


If you want to know the cost of calls, type CALL CHARGES in the search box at the top of the page.





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Thanks Karl,

I know what to do. Its possibly genuine as Norton representatives do use logmein123 to remotely access to deal with a problem temporarily but then.... I need to look more into it.

One way I can notice its genuine is the number I rang, under a heading UK Norton help, if I was transferred by someone to somebody from India without being told, and the phone call cost me a fortune, then that's not ethical as I rang the number under the assumption I would be talking to someone in the UK, and it was only at the end of the hour-ish long call the woman mentioned she may have been blocked for remote access because she was not in the UK. After saying goodbye and then thinking about it, I thought, what if she was in India!

So what I need to know is where do I find a log of my recent calls and their cost? Also I need to get my money back, as surely the original number rang can be shown to be a UK one or obtained on a Norton site under UK heading, and the call was monitored too, and no where did I agree to be transferred to another country, let alone India and only found that out at the end inadvertently as the woman was speculating out loud why she thought she couldn't gain remote access (I am assuming India as that was her accent).

Anyway surely the entire phone call is on some record and can be accessed hence evidence is there of needed, to get my money back. And if I was transferred to another country that was wrong, I'm sure Norton wouldn't officially do that, their reps would have to ask permission, surely, and if they didn't then not a good idea to allow the reps remote access by ringing Norton and giving them the case number and reconnecting to those who wrongly transferred my without permission to carry on where they left off. I will also have to report them.


Basically its important that I see if the call was wrongfully directed to India or another country ramming up my phone bill and get such a bill cancelled, as its not my fault, or intention to spend a hour talking to someone from India.

So where can I now find out what my phone charges are for that call and other data about it in Talk Talk?

Thanks for your help.


Writer and learning as I go along.

Support Team
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not really something we can advise on. If you are calling an officially published Norton support number, then it is up to you whether you allow remote access to your PC.  


A customer can log into My Account and under the home safe settings turn off scam protection to allow remoter connections however this is up to the individual customer and we will not advise a customer to do this.





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