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TalkTalk won't let my number go !

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I moved into a new home nearly 20 months ago, on that day the phone line was connected but with no service, and the first (and only) service I ever had here is from TalkTalk starting a few days later (the order had been placed before the move). I had been a TT customer at my previous address but the move reset me onto a new 18 month contract. That contract (according to TalkTalk) has expired now (and bills gone through the roof !) but in fact my diary note tells me to expect contract expiry early in June. This because in response to a complaint in December 2020 TalkTalk offered me a shiny new 18 month contract, which I accepted. It seems clear from TalkTalk's letter (dated 09 Dec 2020) that the 18 month contract period was restarting.
So that's a problem in itself. But I'd had enough by now and was trying to switch to another provider. Vodafone told me that I couldn't bring my landline number with me ! Well that's yet another issue that may need taking to OFCOM, but I chose to dig a little further and Vodafone told me that the number does appear to be correctly registered to my address, so it seems to them that TalkTalk simply won't let the number go !
Look, I'm only guessing here, but what if TalkTalk have TWO versions of my contract in their systems and won't let the number go until early June (the LATER expiry date) ?
However, I note the thread "port home number" an the reference to Vodafone and TT not having a "porting agreement". But this page tells me that OFCOM expect number porting to happen whether or not there is a porting agreement:
So I'm hoping that TalkTalk are able to comment on my particular case before I need to start the process (a complaint to OFCOM) referred to on that page. I just remember to update my landline number in my profile in case that helps 😉


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Why is a porting agreement required?


Ofcom statement from their website "People and businesses have the right to keep their telephone numbers, regardless of which phone company they are with."




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Hi Branta


Sorry that you are leaving us. 


Just to confirm your minimum contract term started 29/09/20 and expired 28/03/2022, It is true that we do not have a porting agreement with Vodafone at the moment. 


Switching to another provider is led by the gaining provider


Ofcoms website states 

If you think your provider is preventing or delaying you from porting your number, contact your new provider.

You may be asked to give them an Ofcom complaint reference number to start a short investigation. You can get this number by submitting a complaint via the Ofcom website.

An independent industry panel will then assess your case, and can override your old provider to complete the porting of your number.






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