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Talktalk are unable or unwilling to remove outgoing calls that are barred


Has anyone here actually been able to get Talktalk to rectify a problem? My 94 year old mother is a Talktalk customer and needs a reliable landline for her lifeline to work. Yet Talktalk have barred her from making outgoing calls as she has gone 60 pence over her limit. So, we reset her limit and Talktalk assured us that by midday the following day that the phone would be unbarred. It is not and she still cannot make outgoing calls. This has been going on for 6 days now. I have spent hours on my phone to Talktalk before I actually get through to someone who has an idea of what the problem is. On two seperate days Engineers in Manchester have assured me that the bar on calls will be removed and it may take up to 24 hours. Yet 24 hours later the bar is still there. Yesterday, John a talktalk engineer in Manchester, said he will fix the problem and will phone me back after the 24 hour period to check all is OK. Well, the bar is still there and John never phoned me back.

So, for the sake of 60 pence, which was cleared days ago, Talktalk are putting my mother's life in danger by disabling her lifeline and are either unwilling are unable to remove the bar despite the fact that her account is good.  Any idea how I can get this resolved or is this how talktalk generally treat their paying customers.