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The Ninth Circle of Hell - Please, Can Someone Help Me

First Timer

This is a bit of a saga and I feel that I am trapped in the ninth circle of hell so I will try to be as succinct as possible. I am ready to beg if that's what it takes to get someone to help.


Short version;


An Openreach engineer needs to access my parents' property to investigate a fault which developed on 18/11/18, leaving them without an landline. talktalk have refused to make the appointment with me, insisting they will only deal with the account holder. My dad is the account holder. At this moment he is in ICU following emergency surgery at around 01:00h this morning.


Longer version;


  • My parent's landline developed a fault on 18/11/18. I went round, carried out all the usual checks, unplugged everything, tried another phone, plugged into the test socket etc.
  • I called talktalk from my mobile phone whilst at my parents. My dad, the account holder, spoke to the customer service rep and gave his permission for me to deal with the matter.
  • I repeated the above tests, as requested by the customer service rep. Results indicated this was an external fault and that an Openreach engineer would need to investigate. I was told we should wait 48-72 hours.
  • I explained in great detail that my parents are elderly and both partially sighted. A landline is essential for them particulalry since my dad was released from hospital three days prior to this.
  • I requested a divert be set up, again authorised by my dad, as he has a basic mobile phone, but made clear that they would not be able to cope with text. I was assured that if communication was necessary it would be by voice calls.
  • On 19/11/18 I tried to call my parents and discovered the divert was not working so I phoned talktalk to report this. Customer service reps refused to deal with the matter since I am not the account holder and despite me outlining the concerns for my parents they maintained their position and would not discuss the matter with me.
  • On 20/11/18 I called talktalk along with my dad who again reiterated his authorisation for me to deal with this matter. We were informed that the divert was in place and it took around 20 minutes of interrogatio to discover the divert had been set from the faulty landline number to the faulty landline number. I requested this was rectified and the divert was set up as per the original request.
  • 22/11/18 I livechat talktalk to find out what the problem is. I am told variously that they have called my parents but got no reply and that as the Openreach engineer was only requested on 21/11/18 so the 48-72 hours would start from that point. Despite my protestations the long and short of this hour long chat is that I was told I would need to call customer services.
  • 22/11/18 I call customer services and am told that they will not discuss the matter with me, that I will need to go to the address and carry out the previously mentioned tests. I once again explain that the engineer was booked from 18/11/18, that I am seriously concerned about my parents welfare, particularly my dad's failing health, and frustrated at the lack of help. The customer service rep remains unmoved and refuses to deal with me.
  • 23/11/18 I call customer services and following a 15 minute wait am connected to a case manager, Rico, who informs me that an Openreach engineer attended on 21/11/18 and needs access to the property. Asked why we hadn't been informed I am told that a text was sent to my mobile on 21/11/18 requesting access times for an appointment. I refute the text was sent to my mobile but request an appoinment time is arranged for the engineer. The customer service rep refuses to set up an appointment stating that the account holder has to request this.
  • At the time of the above call I was at work. At my parents' my dad has suffered a collapse, and is being assessed by paramedics before they decide which hospital they will take him to. I explained this to the Rico and plead with him, suggesting there must be something he can do to resolve this.
  • Rico agrees to request an Openreach appointment on welfare grounds but cautions this is outside of the usual process so cannot be guaranteed. I thank him for his help and leave work to make my way to the hospital.
  • By the time I reach the hospital I have a voicemail from Rico explaining that it won't be possible to arrange the Openreach engineer appointment and that I should take my phone with me and ask my dad to call them and request the appointment.
  • At the hospital my dad declines rapidly and is narrowly prevented from crashing completely. He is taken for emergency surgery at 01:00h and is currently in ICU.
  • My 80 year old, partially sighted mother, is alone at home with no way to contact anybody by phone whilst her husband is critically ill in hospital.
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @Cheesytreeze


Can you add your parents landline number to the private notes section of your community profile and I can arrange the engineer.