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There must be an easier way (?)

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Having just wasted quite a few minutes of my life for no apparent reason trying to report a downed line problem (ie: network infrastructure issue rather than a possible technical issue) surely there must be an easier way to deal with questions around issues that, in themselves, are quite easy to deal with.   I can accept that you have to waste time giving your details to access an account, but to then have waste time whilst they run a line check (when you have already made them aware several times that the issue is that there is NO line), and then be told that they themselves are having issues technical due to maintenance (?) and that you will have to call back (presumably to go through the very same rigmarole as before) seems somewhat asking for a '0 out of 10' response to the question 'How did we do?' ...  a simpler system whereby the question (in this case 'TalkTalk or OpenReach?') can be asked and answered BEFORE any of the later 'How long?' and 'When?' questions get asked and answered ... I know that some questions are answered via selective sections under Help & Support but, come on, use some logic, and simplicity, to answer the easy first part of a query before you carry it on for so long that you 'disconnect' with the customer !?!

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Smifcouk


Thanks for your post.  


So did you actually get the problem reported?  If not please update your community profile to include your  Telephone number and we can start to help.