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Third time this week landline dead - never fixed properly sick of it!

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Third time this week landline dead - never fixed properly sick of it!
I have no confidence in the online chat people from the main site - as I don't know if they are truly fixing it..
I don't use my mobile, I am housebound and need my landline working all the time 😞
Internet Broadband fine and working 


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Hi @mazbeth2


Sorry for the delay. 


A credit has been raised for the loss of service. you can request a refund via My Account. 


If you feel that compensation for inconvenience etc then I would have to guide you to follow our complaints process.  



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Well they've taken the whole amount of my monthly bill out by Direct Debit today.
No reduction, or compensation which is wrong, as for approx 3 weeks out of 4 I had almost continual non use of my landline which I pay for Anytime calls with - not to mention all the hassle and contacting them a number of times - while I was very ill too 😞 


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any news on the bill?


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thank you


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Thursday afternoon - it seems to have stayed on - the dialling tone -
and I have had an e-mail saying an engineer has resolved it.
(Although I notice I had one of them on the 13th too, but it went dead again after that).
My monthly bill is due to be taken out by direct debit on the 6th of January and I really think there should be some compensation for weeks of no landline phone and all this time consuming hassle, and uselessness from the online chat people.

Thank goodness for you forum people. Thank you.


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is a dialling tone this morning, which is a good sign as it's usually dead in the morning - and it rang yesterday afternoon - but haven't been able to monitor it very frequently...


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We can look into compensation once the fault is confirmed as fixed. 


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thank you...
not sure why they didn't fix it before if it's been to them previously.
I have not been able to use my landline for 3 or 4 weeks now, except for a few hours here and there.
I pay extra for Anytime calls. At the very least this charge should be taken off my next bill.
I am very angry about all this. I am ill, I cannot keep chasing things up.


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Monday morning - still dead - no response from online chat people who texted me and I replied more than once - to same questions again and again - but nothing fixed

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Sorry to hear about this, unfortunately the online team won’t be back again until Monday. So if you want more immediate support you will need to persevere with customer services.


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sorry not replied until now - been so ill last 2 weeks chest infection/bronchitis or worse - been in bed a lot - exhausted - really do not need this problem!
No, it's not fixed - it has come on a couple of times - seems to be afternoon and then is dead next morning...
Contacted online chat help yet again - online and then in response to their text message - sorry but they are really useless and do not communicate or follow up properly 😞 
My landline is dead at the moment - was on briefly yesterday afternoon, but not since.


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Hi mazbeth2


Our line tests are no passing, Can you confirm that the problem is now resolved?


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as I wrote above, I thought it was already plugged into that i.e. the main socket in the hallway...
it came back on for a number of hours yesterday but i picked it up this morning and it is dead again.
Why would this be happening all of a sudden to me and others (as I read other very similar posts on here).
I have had no problem for years with the landline and done nothing different to it.

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Hi  @mazbeth2


Line tests are showing a loop fault which can be caused by internal wiring, so we need you to test the phone at the test socket


Are you able to do that. 




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@mazbeth2 Do bear in mind that the support team here will not be back online until Monday.


@Pippin-05  If you would like the team here to help they will gladly do so, it is best to start your own topic.

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so sorry to read all that - much of it sounds familiar to me - especially the online chat - having to go through the same things again and again - waiting and no response from them - no updates etc...even if to say they are still investigating - 
I find it hard to answer calls on my mobile - it seems to ring just twice or three times, and by the time I get to where i need to answer they have stopped ringing - I told the online chat person to make sure they kept ringing - but I know they haven't even tried yet (as I look at call history).
The other thing is - I cannot text fast - and that was how they wanted to communicate when my Broadband went off a few months ago. 😞 
I am ok typing via my computer and monitor though.
Anyway - my phone is still completely dead, so this is the 3rd night in a row - 72 hours - not counting the other two times it's been off in the last week...
My TalkTalk mobile minutes are running out (when I have to phone my daughter etc as she cannot phone me).
Maybe I should be compensated  somehow - as I pay for Anytime Calls with the boost for my landline.

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😖My landline phone is dead and I tried reporting it via Chat, then waited and waited and nothing got done, so I tried a second time and was asked all the same questions, then waited and waited, then I had a text from an engineer and I had to stay on the line waiting, I had last text 10.30pm, but nothing more, so was left not knowing what was going on and heard no more. I contacted a company called Response & reported the issue and finally had a phone call from Talktalk on my mobile, but like you I'm a pensioner and have deaf aids, finding it difficult to hear on my mobile. It didn't help the Talktalk customer services man had a very strong accent and I discovered he was phoning from Manilla! After asking umpteen extra security questions, I completely lost my temper with the poor chap after being on the phone almost an hour, he has tried to arrange for an engineer to finally call in two days time, but I won't hold my breath! He told me how to get a telephone password and I followed his instructions, when I entered my email address and a password, it wouldn't go through saying email address was invalid, I got my son to double check everything and he confirmed it was all correct, we tried again, it said again the email was invalid....at this point I decided to give up as I now had a terrible headache. I've just tried again today and after a long delay when pressing "continue" I finally managed to set up a telephone password. I've been without my landline for nearly three weeks now. Friends have been calling in thinking I'm ill as I can't answer the phone. I've had friends and relatives checking the wires and my son bought a brand new BT phone and connected it thinking the phone was faulty, but that didn't work either, but the broadband is still working from the same socket?? I've been advised to contact Offcom if it's not soon resolved. 

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Thanks for replying

sorry, what is the test socket? (EDIT: sorry - just clicked on the link - yes, that is what it is plugged into)
I have it plugged into the phone socket into the hall and running into the bedroom (in a bungalow). Nothing has come unplugged or anything.
The line is completely dead - no noise at all.

Still not working - so that is about 48 hours now since it has been dead *this time.*
The online chat person (yesterday) said someone would call my mobile - but no-one has - I keep checking.

I am convinced it is to do with the local exchange and is a geographical problem - as my daughter's landline had problems last week too (different ISP), and a friend of hers, who lives in our area also has landline problems.