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Unable to receive calls at random times

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Hi I have an issue such that my talktalk landline just stops receiving calls. Whoever dials in just gets an engaged ringtone (a doo, doo, doo sound and then drops off). When this happens if I try to make a call I get no dial tone but as soon as I put down the handset and try again I can then make a call. After this then miraculously my phone starts to take incoming calls again for a period of time until the same happens again. Sometimes this happens a few hours later, someones a day later and sometimes a week later. I need help in this as it is getting extremely frustrating as there is no indication when the landline has stopped accepting calls. I have been on the phone with technical support for over an hour but no real solutions given. I get the feeling it must be the system somehow going into a sleep mode or the phone box splitter maybe putting the phone to sleep when it shouldn't but this is a brand new box fitted just in March. Initially I thought it was maybe the callsafe feature accidentally blocking some people but this normally gives a message to the person who has been blocked rather than just a engaged tone and it wouldn't explain why I wouldn't get a dial tone then either at that initial call before it "waking up" after I put down the phone once. Please can anyone help.


Support Team
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Hi MaxwellMiky,


I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing problems with your service, could I just ask if you've tested with a different handset?