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Unable to switch off Call Safe

Conversation Starter

Hello, i turned call safe on to try it, but don't like it. now it will not turn off after several attempts i'm now here.  Please help.

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get this "Callsafe has now been switched off. Please note it may take several minutes for the feature to be deactivated" . but has no effect
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi nickym


I've checked, and CallSafe showing as OFF.  


Sorry for any confusion caused. 

First Timer

Same issue - have tried switching off from CallSdafe screen - no joy. Spoke to "Trevor" at CS this morning, said he had switched it off, but it's still on! Can anyone help resolve this please?

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @turnoffcallsafenow


there is a mismatch on our server which has kept callsafe active.


I will contact the team responsible to fix this. 

First Timer
Thank you for such a quick response!
Community Team - TT Staff

We have to re-add CallSafe on your account and then remove it via our server will take about 24 hours to remove CallSafe .  Sorry for the delay, I will let you know when its done. 

Community Team - TT Staff
First Timer

Many thanks for sorting this issue, much appreciated.