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Unlimited UK Calls Boost. Are landline calls to Mobiles still included.

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My question is about the Anytime UK Calls Boost, does it still include calls to UK Mobiles ? My reason for asking is:-

I renewed my TT contract last week.  This time I again chose to add on the optional Unlimited UK Calls Boost. As we did for our previous contract.


Free calls to a UK Mobile anytime was a big attraction to us, and peace of mind, knowing I can pick up my landline at “anytime”, and call 01, 02, and 03 numbers, and from memory, I think 0845 numbers, and another I can’t remember at present), also includng calls to UK Mobiles.


So you can see a big attractionn was adding the Anytime UK Calls Boost, BUT should included mobiles.  That is what I want to question.


Because, when I was talking to the TT Agent last week, all she would do was keep referring to Landlines.

I kept prompting her to say it does include Mobiles, but she wouldn’t waiver Off Script

The best I could get was “Yes Landlines”.

'I wanted to hear it how TT used to sell the Calls Boost.

Unlimited Anytime Calls to 01, 02, 03 and calls to UK Mobiles.


Of course the agents have their TalkTalk script that they cannot deviate from, but whereas she never mentioned mobiles at all.

TT Used to make a big effort of including Mobiles in the selling pitch.

Maybe it has become an accepted part of services, But I like to hear it.  As I said Free calls to UK Mobles is a big plus to me. and also when I talk to friends and family.


I got a letter today from TT, following my contract renewal. Yet again it says,

“Unlimited UK Calls Boost”   Nothing about Mobiles

I have added an image of that part of the letter.


I’m fairly sure Mobiles are included but it would be nice to have heard it from TT, when I asked a simple question.


I apologise for any typos.

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