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Weird call in the night

First Timer

I had a very weird call last night and I'd love to know what it was.


At 1.30am this morning, I was woken up by the phone ringing, but it had a very strange ring that sounded more like an alarm. The cordless phone by my bed was showing "ringing" as the caller ID and, when I answered, I heard a sort of computerised beeping on the line. I put the phone down, but this just made the phone start ringing frantically again, so I had to pick up again and stay on the line until the computerised beeping stopped. Once I was able to put the phone back down again, I realised my Internet connection had also cut out. I looked for the last caller's number in the call log, but there was nothing listed.


I haven't set any alarms on my two cordless phones (I'm not even sure if there's an option for that) and my basic corded phone in my hallway has no settings whatsoever, so there's no way to set an alarm or change the ringtone. It was very strange and gave me quite a shock in the middle of the night. The same thing has happened once before in the last 2 years I've been living in this house. At the time, I just dismissed it as a one-off, but now I'm worried it might happen again. Could it be some kind of line test or strange automated call?

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @jammycaketin


Thanks for your post,


If you would like us to look into this, please can you update your community profile to include your home telephone number, we will then be able to have a look at our server to see if the call registered. 

To do this go into 'my settings' then 'personal information' then add your details.



First Timer
Hi @OCE_Arne. I've just added my details, thanks
Community Team - TT Staff

Thank you.


I will look into this, and get back to you.