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When will Callsafe be a reliable and useable safety feature?

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Until now I've been using my phone's Answering Machine as a screening service to avoid Scams, Sales calls, Silent calls etc.

Having recently returned from holiday, I noticed that I had 21 "messages" awaiting my attention!

...Just two were legitimate!

Time to join "Callsafe" I thought but viewing the number of topics expressing dissatisfaction  and disillusionment, it seems this may not yet be such a good idea!


Just don't do what I did, after receiving a whole string of silent calls in quick succession one day, I called them back to vent my spleen, prefixing the number with "141" so as not to invoke more of the same.

On each occasion, I received the three tones followed by "The Number you have dialed has not been recognised" Grrr! the end of the month,  I received this:-

Calls to USA.JPG

 ...Not sure which was the more annoying, the silent calls,or being charged £2.12 for failing to give them an ear full! 😠

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Callsafe then, damn sight cheaper.

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.
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@Divsec wrote:

Callsafe then, damn sight cheaper.

...But flakey unreliable and possibly blocking calls which should get through and to which you are oblivious, all accounts!


Kindest description would perhaps be "a work in progress", ...but not much! 😐