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call barring not working

Mrs Magoo
Enlightened One
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Hi there again hope you are all  well and keeping safe during this awful time. i hate to bother you but i  have been recieving lots of scam calls sometimes 4 times a day , and have always used the call barring number to bar them but for a couple of days its not working and im just getting a voice saying its being rejected. this has happened at a bad time for me as ive been housebound since march ,  and having health issues at the moment . But i do need some help with this as i just dont know what to do.

                                        Regards Mrs Magoo  take care and stay safe .


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@Michelle-TalkTalk, the message when dialling 14258 is completely different from before. 


It's now a woman's voice, using rather different jargon to describe the service. 


The instructions that then follow don't match those detailed in the forum search suggestions. 


It's yet another change to Talktalk services that has happened in recent months with no warning to customers, and it causes alarm and anxiety. 


In an era of endless scammers and spoofed phone numbers showing on Caller Identity Display, Talktalk should be notifying customers of all service changes.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hi Michelle sorry ive not replied before but  not been to good , but ok now yes the instructions are different instead of just pressing to block you have to press star then something else , but ive not had to use it as ive not taken any scam calls so thanks for your help and il see how it goes ok.

                                   Regards Mrs Magoo  stay safe and take care 


Support Team
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Hi Mrs Magoo,


Just to advise, any numbers previously blocked using Last Caller Barring wouldn't carry over to CallSafe. Would it be possible to confirm what options you now hear  when using Last Caller Barring and we can check to see if this has changed?





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Hi Michelle,  Thank you for your reply it says I have 57numbers  blocked but goes on to say press this and press that but I thought it could be another sort of scam thing so very wary of these so never listened to it all, but it sounds  like they have changed the instructions for blocking numbers that’s what I could make out. Would I still have all my stored numbers on my phone if I used call safe and would you recommend it . 
                                                              Regards Mrs Magoo stay safe and take care .


Support Team
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Hi Mrs Magoo,


I'm really sorry to hear this. Can I just confirm, do you know how many numbers have already been blocked as you can block up to 100 numbers? Does the message say anything else as well as it being rejected? 


Did you also have a look at the CallSafe Help Article to see if this may be an option for you?





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Hi there fr8ys and thank you for your reply as Callsafe could be the answer to my problem. So il wait for an answer . 

                                         Regards Mrs Magoo stay safe and take care 


Community Star
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Have you considered Callsafe?


Since I started using this I have not had a single spam call as spammers dont wish to announce themselves.


You can find out more and decide if its for you. 



Should you wish to continue with call barring please wait for a staff member to respond to your query.


Please remember to mark Solved Posts with Best Answer. Doing so helps other customers and saves TalkTalk's Support Team time by only looking at unsolved topics. Thanks, Steve (a fellow customer).