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I have been trying to bar a number and the call barring service says it doesn't recognise it as a valid phone number.


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It is a spoofed number and as such is invalid for input into any automated system.
International numbers will start with 00 and then the country code, but they have doctored the number so all you can do is report it, not sure any provider can actually bar spoofed numbers at network level but am sure someone will have the full information.

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Sorry meant say I tried Check and Report not (call and support)

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I tried call and support and it accepted the number so I left an explanation of what has happened to find out if there could be a fault with the system or what. I have recieved other similar numbers starting with 066258 and they have been blocked. I don't know if anyone will get back to me with an explanation as to why the number I tried to block was not recognised. The number I am referring to is 06625871803 it says I have entered an invalid telephone number when I try to bar it.


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Hi @rabadab


It's because it isn't a valid number. It hasn't got the right sequence of numbers or insufficient numbers.


Scammers do this to try and get round the call barring.  For example they add an additional 0 on the start of a number or miss off the last number or if it's an overseas number it overflows a standard caller display so you don't see the last digits until you 'scroll' the display.


Try Check and Report to see if that accepts the number for blocking on the network.

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