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First Timer
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my caller display hasn't worked properly for at least 3 months if not more.  I have had to switch off the 'block' facility on my hand set as all calls were being filtered even when the number was in my address book. Now the caller display rarely works, often just showing 'incoming call' even if the caller is in the phone book on the phone or in the 'safe' list.  It is very inconvenient to have the 'block' facility switched off as I have started to get junk calls again, and I can't tell who is calling.  I pay you extra for this facility and if you can't sort it out I feel that I will need to switch provider.  The least I expect is a refund on my 'extra' payment.  I have reported this problem before when there seem to have been  problems with other things like the ringtones on customers phones but you said it was a temporary problem as you had changed over your systems.  

A prompt response would be much appreciated thanks.

Marsha Smith


Support Team
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I'm sorry to hear this. Could you try switching the Caller Display off in your My Account and then once fully removed then please can you add this again in My Account. Does this also happen with 2 different handsets at the test/main socket?