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callsafe not working


good morning,

I called my landline with a number that is approved in my Callsafe list, however I get the automated response that the call is screened and I should say my name. 

I went into my Callsafe setting, the number was already there and if I try to delete and add the number again I see the message: "We are unable to carry out this action due to a technical issue" 

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Typhoon,


I'm sorry to hear this. Have you had a look at the below Help Article?


Problems using CallSafe





I read it Michelle,

it was of no use. I can't even get through with my own mobile! And no I haven't added myself to the blocked list as that article suggests, I have added myself to the approved list, but the number on the list appears withheld and the system doesn't recognise it. same for my friends number. another bug of talktalk? 

It seems that it doesn't let pre-approve numbers, the person has to go through the procedure, getting authorised by accepting the call and only then the number actually shows in the approved list. I am sure that is not the way Callsafe is meant to work??

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @Typhoon


Sorry you are having issues. 


Did you try adding the number via the handset? 


Hi did try adding the numbers through the headset. while in this way the numbers display on the dashboard, if I try to edit them to a the name I get We are unable to carry out this action due to a technical issue. Please try again or contact us.

the calls still don't get through.

I contacted technical support by chat and they had no idea how to fix it, I was supposed to get a phone call on Monday but nobody never called, I think I will have to go through the complaint procedure or nothing will ever be done

Community Team - TT Staff

Thanks , the problem with editing numbers is known with callsafe at this time and has been reported. 


We can only apologize for the inconvenience caused.