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did you disconnect my phone line pray tell?

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on tuesday we recived one of your automated calls telling us that our line is going to be disconnected today ( wednesday ) and it was, well the serice is no more.

the problem with this is that we are no longer talk talk customers and have Not been for the last twelve months we have been with BT.

like the idiot i am we went with virgin media for tv and broadband and as TT do not do phone only we had to move to BT. but we are thinking of going back to sky for tv and are thinking of TT for phone and BB, could you tell me if we do come back can we have the new deal on fibre ( think its £25 or so per month for 18 months ) or will we be treated as an new but existing customer if you know what i mean.


thanks in advance billybob. emoticon.nerd.title

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Hi billybob


It definitely wasn't us that called you, or disconnected your line your account was cancelled with us in August 2017, and we would never call any of our customers out of the blue like that. You can sign up for any of our new deals as a new customer if you either order online or over the phone