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fault reporting

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this is a brilliant idea, 1, when someone rings TT to report a voice fault on the line, actually deal with the voice fault and not offer to increase the broadband speed as that is not the problem being reported, 2, also make fault reporting simple and not a 1hr text conversation followed by a 1hr 17 mins phone conversation, 3, do not ask people to phone from the property where the fault is, people use other phones because theirs doesnt work. 4, more choice of avatars needed as there isnt one of someone crying from all the stress TT have just created.

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I see what to you did there but you would have a better audience either posting it on the forums or using social media of which Twitter might be most useful. 


If users (customers) were kept in the loop about the status of the problem by use of a ticket system the use of a form to initialise would save time for both parties. I might suggest it...

Start with the obvious, easy fixes. Save yourself embarrassment when you find out it's the microfilter that's knackered!