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setting up an online account for an elderly parent with no email capability

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we are trying to set up an online account for an elderly parent who has no email capability but the account registration keeps failing as the account details on file are not correct. We have used one of our email addresses. 


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Are you using a non-TalkTalk email address to register the customer MyAccount? TalkTalk email addresses are not accepted at first registration but the login can be changed to a TalkTalk email address once the MyAccount is active.  The registration requires the account number, original account holder's full name, their date of birth and postcode. The first two items should appear on the paper billing.


If the account details are wrong and if you have  Power of Attorney or Authority to Act on behalf of your parent then you'll be able to ask TalkTalk Customer Service to correct the Account details to enable you to register on their behalf a customer MyAccount using a non-TalkTalk email address as the login.


Is it possible for the Account holder to contact TalkTalk Customer Service to have them set up a customer MyAccount albeit with your non-TalkTalk email address and password?  The Account holder would have to go through relevant security checks but if you were with them helping then they could hand over to you to complete the MyAccount registration.


LiveChat to TalkTalk support is here:  Our LiveChat team.  Wait for the light blue Chat now button to appear; It's grey or clear when busy or offline.


Opening hours are here:  When to contact TalkTalk?


TIP - Pause tracker blocking in the browser, ad-blockers and similar blocking software to avoid conflict with LiveChat's operation.

Calls to Customer Services on 0345 172 0088 are free from a TalkTalk home 'phone but otherwise are at a standard landline call rate.


For calls to Customer Service agents from a mobile, use 0203 441 5550.

TalkTalk supports the Text Relay Service: It's 18001 then 0345 172 0088.


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