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vulnerable person form sent in no reply

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Hello after finding out that talk no longer does 24/7 cover, and having to wait all weekend to just log a engineer for a fault. 


I sent in a vulnerable person form but I not had anything back?

As we have to have working phone line at all times now. 


How do I chase this up. 

Note no contract is up in ten days time.


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@TheHornedOne, I am moving these later posts out of the way, as they clutter up this thread for the OP.


@andrewJ, if you still need help, please post back in response to @Arne-TalkTalk's question.  Thanks!

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hi @andrewJ


Your account has been flagged as vulnerable. 


Faults can be logged via Telephone, and via live chat over the weekend, What issues are you having? 


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You are best doing your whole renewal over the phone. Make a note of the agent's name and the time you call, @andrewJ.


Write everything down!


Open next on Monday, after 9am. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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I am long standing talktalk customer think i been with them for well over ten years.

I know when i first joined up you could book and engineer call on a Saturday for the following week.

As i have done it. 

I had issue when i first joined up after getting BT to change the over head cable from the street to my phone socked i not had to call them much at all. 


I looked at change my package on renewal looks like i cannot removed the TV package without call up. Got to love these M-F in IT 


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Exactly. It was possibly a couple of weeks ago. I think they were promoting Fibre65, and I had vaguely noticed it once so listened more attentively the second time. I haven't caught it since.


If anyone can look out for it, please post back in a new thread, as it's inappropriate to follow this up here, causing delay to the OP.


It certainly gave me the impression that support for the package would be from professional staff online 24/7, so raised my eyebrows!

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Are you stating that TalkTalk are paraphrasing the following statement in their television advertising @Gliwmaeden2  ....................


Screen Shot 2021-06-19 at 17.46.22.png


.............. thereby giving the impression that TalkTalk Employees are effectively 'always' available?






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It's odd this business of not providing 24/7 cover, @andrewJ, as I definitely heard it advertised as such on the telly... I thought to myself, so they are advertising the online support we community stars are offering, as though we were Talktalk employees. I don't know of any 24/7 cover from Talktalk at the moment, and it does leave customers stranded. 


Sorry to hear that there's not been any follow up to your registration as a vulnerable customer. 


Forum staff are not back before Monday, and so all you can do is phone 03451 720046 before 6pm today, Saturday (not open Sunday, if you don't think you are registered) or use Chat, any day after 9am. 


Chat shows with a blue background banner on this page when available:




Full details of opening hours are also listed there. 



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.