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Disable Scam Protection

First Timer


I've tried phoning the number to disable scam protection on my account but can't seem to find the option to disable it. I would like to use TeamViewer with my family. Could somebody disable it for me?


Thank you

Community Team

Thanks for starting the new post. I've sent you a personal message for the change. 

Team Player

By blocking team viewer you are blocking a tool that people and workers use for support.

I can understand how it can be used wrongly by others but blocking sites like this needs to be optional

Community Team

Hi AndyZ, it is optional. We can turn it off once we've had a chance to explain to you the customer how dangerous allowing users to remote access can be. It also protects the vast majority who will never use or allow remote access in their daily lives. We have a duty to protect that vast majority as well as we can. If you need us to turn off scam protection for you we can just start a new thread and I'll send you the personal message we need to send you.