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I can't login to supersafe , it doesn't like email address and password

First Timer

I want to use super safe boost but can't login.  

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Hi @Gingerninja1980


First, have you activated the Boost in your MyAccount?  You've selected either the free option for one device or the 8 devices for £2 option?


And you've received the email to your MyAccount registered email address with the download link?  And downloaded and installed on your device?


You can access your SuperSafe Account through My Account, which will direct you to the login page to sign in.  The usual login is your MyAccount email address and password.  But if you've changed the MyAccount email address or password at any time the SuperSafe Boost email address and password will not have been updated.


On the SuperSafe Account login page, you will see Forgot your password? this gives you the opportunity to change your password.


To view your information in your SuperSafe Account simply click Account details, which will show you the information you entered upon registration and the choices you've made in terms of the service notifications.

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