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My shopping browsing being advertised to other devices/people on my router.

First Timer

When I browse for purchases (holidays, Ebay, amazon, etc), i am now used to seeing exactly the items that I looked at displayed hours and days later in banner adverts from the same companies. It's a little bit disconcerting, but perhaps no surprise.      It is very worrying that others attached to my router (and possibly elsewhere) also receive the same advertising, that is the advertising that was presumably indended for me.  In my case, the others use Adroid devices. 

I would like some (or ALL) of the things that I browse not to be shared with others on my router (my family and friends.    

Does anyone know how to stop this?    

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This isn't your router. This is down to the tracking cookies (etc.) that far too many sites place on your pc when you visit them. Most major shopping sites use such cookies. A very large number of sites "share" demographic information regarding your shopping habits (even if they anonymise the data).


People on other devices will only see the same adverts if they have visited similar sites.


Installing something like CCleaner from Piriform and actively manage your cookies should help (and also keep your pc free of unwanted files).

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Cluster, umanu2 has given you a great answer. If you want to stop the sites from tracking your browsing a good trick is to use the incognito option in your browser. 

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