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Super Safe information

Wizz Kid

Sorry if I am being dense, but I would like some information on the Super Safe Boost.   I have just gone live with fibre (which at present seems great), but at the same time can install super Safe Boost for free.   I keep getting emails to remind me to instal/activate it.    I want to know what exactly it does, and will it conflict with McAfee that I have installed.   I have safe search with Mc#afee already, plus virus protection of course and I do not want to upset anything as it all works very nicely thank you.   I assume if I don't want the super safe boost, I can just ignore it.

Community Star

SuperSafe is simply a free anti virus product offered by TalkTalk in partnership with F-Secure.


You will be offered it when you sign up, but it is entirely optional. If you already have an AV package which you are happy with that's fine. And you are quite right that mutilple AV applications are not a good idea.


So the short answer: yes, you can just ignore it. 🙂