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After 4 hrs and 7 different customer service agents, think have finally installed supersafe boost

First Timer

After 4 hrs, over 2 days, chatting online and phoning 7 different customer service agents, think have finally managed to download the super safe boost but it would not send the activation email and had an awful job trying to install it. Hope it doesn't cause any problems and is a reliable, safe antivirus package.

Community Team

Hi mareus56, I'd have been happy to help you get this sorted.  I'm pleased to hear that you managed it and I'm sure you won't be disappointed it's an award winning anti virus used all around the world.

First Timer
Hi OCE_Ady - thank you so much for your reply. Hope it will be fine and thanks too for the recommendation as had not been aware of talktalk's security package offer until someone recently suggested I download it. Never expected it to be so difficult though.
Community Team

It's not supposed to be difficult and I'm sorry it gave you the trouble it did. If you need help with anything else you know where to find us.