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Another Super Safe Boost log in problem

First Timer



As with some other members, I am having some problems logging into Super Safe Boost as it doesn't seem to recognise my email address.


I spent about 2 hours on the 'phone to Talk Talk on Friday, and finished with a promise of a call from a senior technician within 48 hours. Had a call Sunday from a Talk Talk number, but when I answered they put the phone down!


My email on My Account (which I sign in with) is not the original Talk Talk address, but this was changed on My Account some years ago (maybe 7?).


Anyway, after trying to change my Super Safe Boost password I have not received an email from F Secure or Talk Talk to do so.


Please help!

Community Team

Hi Fabarm, I can get this sorted for you. I just need you to add your landline number to your community profile so that I can access your account. 

First Timer

Thank you for coming back to me.


I have updated my profile.

Community Team

Thanks. I've sent you a Personal Message. Once I have your reply I can get this done for you. 

Community Team

Thanks for providing all the required information. 


I've made the requested change for you.


You'll receive a welcome mail and password reset message.


Please let us know how you get on. 

First Timer

I am having same trouble my account email not recognised by the super safe boost