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Home Safe causing a problem


I try to go into a site and keep getting this messsage:

KidsSafe has blocked this site.

The site you tried to access was detected to contain content that falls into the category Pornography, which your KidsSafe settings won't allow.

If you still want to, you'll need to remove the relevant block in My Account. Please remember, any site no longer blocked can then be seen on any device using your home broadband.

I go to my account and see that My Kid safe is off, so what is going on?

Is Talk Talk niow acting as police and ignoring my requests, WHAT CAN BE DONE TO CURE THIS and allow me to work

Community Team

Hi Charles Hill, that'll be an issue with the back end of HomeSafe. I've reset your settings, let me know if that clears the issue if not I'll need to raise a ticket to get this resolved for you. 

Team Player

Hi Ady,

You resolved my access issue to about a month ago,

It is now blocked again but homesafe settings are still switched off.



Seems ok at the moment, wasnt meant to be pornography, but I got sme really wierd blocks at the time


Community Team

I'm pleased to see that  I've cleared the problem for you. Please let me know if you see any other issues. 


despite beig resolved two days again, its happening again. Homesafe is blocking my access to various sites, despite being turned off.

Can it be reset so that it doesnt interfere with my choice of sites. I need free access to the web without having to get this sort of blocker lifted everytime

Community Team

Until the incident is cleared the only way to guarantee you're not affected is to change your DNS settings to and