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Homesafe Blocking Issues

First Timer

I have done everything that is advised to try and solve the problem with home afe blocking some websites but have got nowhere how do I stop home afe from blocking my preferred websites it' getting on my nerves now!

M brown
Community Star

There is another incident with this, see the Service Status Dashboard:-


I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please mark it as the Best Answer.
OCE's and Community Stars - Who are they? 

Community Team

Hi mallyb, thanks for marking KeithFrench's post as best answer. This helps to show the moderators who are after all unpaid customers doing their bit that it's worth the effort. 

Community Team

KeithFrench, thanks for your support and continuing efforts to help our community members. 

First Timer

Some design issues here as well. Everytime time you turn on and off the homes affected you lose any sites you allowed the last time. Please keep the sites available and then I can just allow /block them again rather  retype each time.

For me alcohol and drugs should be split into two categories then I would not need to turn off homesafe off to beer and wine shopping.

First Timer



Also, I have been checking the 'gambling site' access block and have found that whilst the majority of better-known gambling sites in the UK and around the world are correctly detected by Talktalk filtering servers and blocked accordingly, there remains one particular well-known UK bookmaker, the 'site' of which can be accessed through several different browsers ( It does raise the question as to why this very well known and very large gambling website isn't already part of this list. is also accessible and, of particular concern, is the country in which some of these websites operate (in this case, South Africa). Whilst I don't wish to 'tar' any organisation with those website operators who only seek to spread malware for malicious attacks, caution should still be exercised on allowing users to access these websites.  At the very least, these 'blocking' facilities should be firstly for user protection against unscrupulous website operators seeking to infect users' machines..


Anyone any ideas as to why there remains anomalies with this area of security...?