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NO username and password for the SuperSafe F-Secure


I am having trouble with getting a username and password for the FREE SuperSafe F-Secure.  I have followed the instructions: My Services, Manage Supersafe Boost, clicked on SuperSafe – Protection for 1 device (worth £39 RRP) – FREE and it has downloaded but there is no username or password to log into it. 


I have had an email saying You'll soon receive an email from F-Secure with your username and password, to download, install and activate your SuperSafe Boost, so keep an eye on your inbox.  But the email never arrives.


You need to access the boost webpages from within "MyAccount" with Talk Talk. Then try the same username and password as you use to log on to My Account. It seems illogical to need to log on twice but the second time you are connected to Fsecure, not TalkTalk which is why, I think, this happens.

I am not a TalkTalk employee, just a customer. If my post has helped you, please "Like" it.
Community Team


Hi Stan1962, I've had to remove the boost from your account and I'll need to add it back once the order has completed. I'll post back once it's sorted. 

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I've tried that myself with no luck.. any other suggestions would be more than welcome
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I've yet to get any email from F-Secure as yet, I went live today and wondered how you got on and if you got sorted how long did it take?
Community Team

Hi Gord75, could you start your own topic and I'll be happy to help you get sorted. 

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Hi Ady I started a new topic yesterday called...Not had an email from F-secure for supersafe add on 

Community Team

Thanks Gord75, I've replied to you already.