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Need help regarding SuperSafe

Wizz Kid

Recently I changed my My Account email address and requested (via live chat) that my free SuperSafe account email is changed to match the one I use for My Account. The agent said this change was made to my SuperSafe account.


My Account doesn't let me make any changes to my SuperSafe as it says (and has been saying since I requested the change to the SuperSafe email address): 

We're now making changes to your boost.

While we do this you won't be able to make further changes to your SuperSafe settings.


SuperSafe wouldn't let me log in using the new email address and when I used my old email address, it would tell me: "Your subscription is no longer valid".


So, today (29.10.2018), I went on live chat to ask what was happening with my free SuperSafe account and at any stage, I hadn't requested the £2 / month SuperSafe boost. They told me it was inactive since it had been rejected (for whatever reason).


They replied saying that they would need to use another email address to let the order go through. Thinking this was for my free SuperSafe account, I provided a new email address and they said the order went through. They didn't tell me that this was for the £2 / month boost. Later, I receive an email from TalkTalk saying that the SuperSafe boost for £2 / month has been added to my account. 


I want my free SuperSafe boost to start working again (with my new email address) and I want the £2 / month SuperSafe boost to be removed from my account. 



Anisa Khalifa
Community Team

Hi anisa_k, I can change the login for you SuperSafe boost for you. I've sent you a Private Message to cover the security checks and once you've replied I'll make the change for you. 

Community Team

Hi an1sa_k, I've swapped the login for you and sent you a welcome mail and password reset message. I'm not able to change SSB back to free at the moment as there's a stuck order on your account. I've raised an escalation to get this cleared and once it's done I'll sort it for you.