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Scam Protection and Teamviewer

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While I understand the thinking behind blocking TeamViewer; I suggest this is extreme heavyhandedness.

I am an IT person who MUST have TeamViewer, but there will be many many 1000's of home workers who need use it for work too.

But because you give no way to whitelist teamviewer, all these 1000's of people must switch off your "Scam Protection" service completely.

Why not give a way to add a list of "allowed" websites like you have for "Kids Safe", then all those 1000's of people can benefit from the protection from all the other bad sites while being able to work with TeamViewer.

So in plain language:

Please add a facility to whitelist specific domains or services.


At the moment I've had to expose myself to all the other potential problems by switching "Scam Protection" off.
Please advise when you've added this feature so I can switch back on and add teamviewer to a whitelist.


Many thanks,


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Hi @AndyR36


You can enable TeamViewer whilst still having Scam Protection on to provide continued protection against scammers. 


To allow or block TeamViewer as a single entity:

  • Log in to MyAccount
  • Click on My Services (grey header bar)
  • Click on View HomeSafe settings (drop-down list)
  • Under the KidsSafe setting which should be On
    Click on Choose which websites to block or allow
    Add and click on Allow to show a green dot
    (When not needed click on Block to show a red dot)
  • Click the blue Save changes button
  • Allow 5 minutes for the change to be sent to the network

You should now be good to go. Remember that if you remotely connect to other TalkTalk customer devices then those customers need to enable TeamViewer.

 Gondola - Community support team

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First Timer

Does this mean you have to have Kidssafe turned on to be able to allow certain websites to work? After hours & days of looking for a solution to why teamviewer would not work I have only found out now that TalkTalk are erroneously blocking its usage which has given me a lot of problems & inconvenience