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First Timer

Having problems getting username and pass word for Supersafe, as the web page does not confirm the order, it just asks for sign in to F-secure, and I do not have. Ive been on the chat line and the lady said she would send an email to reset the account, it never arrived. this is third day I have tried to get supersafe and it's 'Chronic' so frustrating that a firm like TT let this happen before sorting out the problem for all its customers not just one individual after reading the complaints in the community .

Please can you help



C Haigh
Community Team

Hi Cliff41, your SuperSafe login is normally the same login as for MyAccount. If you've recently changed your MyAccount login then that would explain why they're not the same. I can change the login for you once we've confirmed security. I've sent you a Private Message once I've had your reply and checked the security information I'll be able to make the change.

Community Team

Hi Cliff41, thanks for confirming the security checks. I've changed the login for you, sent you a welcome mail and a password reset for you. Please let me know if you need anything else. 

First Timer

I am having the same problem. Can anyone help? 


Thank you.