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TalkTalk SuperSafe boost

First Timer

I installed SuperSafe boost on 3 of my devices last year and am paying Talk talk £2 per month with the possibility of installing it on 8 devices in total.  However I am not able to log in to my SuperSafe boost account . I have tried this from Talk Talk/ Myaccoount?security screen and also from the TalkTalk SperSafe icon on my desk top.. The system does not accept my pass word or a changed password. I tried this at least 6 times. 


I wil be very graeful for help with this problem


Thank you


Kantilal patel 

Community Team

Hi Kantilal, please add your landline number and the email address you're using to login in your community profile private notes. 

First Timer

Added email, mobile number & TalkTalk account number in Private Notes section of the profile as requested 

Community Team

Thanks, I've forced the system to send you a welcome mail and a password reset. Please let me know how you get on. 

First Timer

Hi OCE_Ady

I successfully re-installed the TalkTalk Safe and was able to Log in and change password.


Thank you.


However I an unsure why the problem occured in the first place and unhappy that it took such a long time to sort ( not from you). 


Community Team

You're very welcome. Thanks for posting back to let me know it's sorted. I'm sorry it had taken you a long time to get help.