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Talktalk Super Safe Boost Account suspended


We have been a basic broadband customer for a number of years. 

May 23rd our landline was migrated from BT and the broadband upgraded to fibre with a new contract.

I am trying to reinstall Talktalk Supersafe Boost and on logging in get a message that the account is suspended and to contact Support.

What do I need to do to reinstate the account?

There is a message on My Account which reads:


We're now making changes to your boost.

While we do this you won't be able to make further changes to your SuperSafe settings.


HELP would be much appreciated.


Community Team

Hi No_body, thanks for confirming the security info. I've reactivated the account and sent you a new welcome mail and password reset. If you don't see the mail shortly check in junk/trash or spam as you definitely will receive it. 



I have received your 2 emails in outlook.

Yours responding to receipt  of security information and that you have sent me a new welcome mail and password reset.

Second one informing me that you have posted a reply in homesafe and superboost. 

I have not received the new welcome mail and password reset.

I have checked spam and trash folders in Talktalk webmail. Talktalk webmail receives  very few email messages from just 2 companies.

I have checked spam and junk folders in outlook 

Community Team

The email has gone to the MyAccount login email. It will be in that mailbox somewhere I promise. I've never had one of these mails fail to arrive although the folder is often not the inbox. 

Community Team

I'm pleased so say that this is sorted now and working as normal.