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TeamViewer blocked

First Timer

I cannot access Teamviewer website or use the software as Scam Protection is blocking it, meaning I cannot work!


I have tried turning Scam protection off (didnt work), also tried to get around ti by altering Kids Sade preferences. this has not worked either. Colleague on chat has said that there is nothignt hat can be done and that I have to wait until the issue is resolved. I was also told it is not possibl to give a timeframe for this.


Please help!

Community Team

Hi john_b87, there's an open incident at the moment that relates to this problem. You'll see details of the incident on the service status page. 

Wizz Kid

Please can you explain to me why on one of our computers TeamViewer is blocked whilst on the other it is not.  I find this worrying.  We have a wired connection for both computers to the shared router.  It seems somewhere here there is a gap and I'd like to plug it.  Any thoughts please?

Community Team

Hi upplander, it seems the HomeSafe incident isn't affect all accounts or all accounts in the same way. If you start your own thread I'll be happy to try and reset the service for you and see if it clears the block.