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home safe? not filtering calls?


Basically had a  never ending succession of spam calls since I went over to TT, so I set up the filter  on the dashboard.

However even the half-dozen 'trusted' landline numbers are filtered and blocked and until four days ago landline hasn't rung for months


Last week I started to receive good old spam calls again.

'BT has detected unusual activity  on your line and your service will be disconnected unless it is resolved' please press 1

Not sure how they get past the homesafe filter, unless it's because they are not withheld checked the numbers:

call 1...Romania

call 2 Germany

call 3 Turkey


How do I stop this?

Obviously account access is down so I'm unable to check the status of Whatever-Safe


Community Star

Hi @OMGFFS-howslow it's callsafe, have you checked these settings?

How to use CallSafe ?

Regards Divsec, I don't work here, know little, and have too many opinions.
Community Team

Hi @OMGFFS-howslow


Callsafe was disable on 21.09.2019 you have last caller barring on your line. 


thanks for the information, as I said I have no recollection of disabling Callsafe and never knew that last caller barring was activated.

Wasn't expecting calls apart from those on my approved list.

 I'd entered my approved numbers and blocked a couple of  persistent spam numbers via the dashboard.



Community Team